Fowl Pox Vaccine Live I.P.

Fowl Pox Vaccine Live I.P.

Live, attenuated, freeze dried, ‘BM’ Strain

Fowl pox ‘BM’ strain vaccine has been developed with the use of latest techniques used in the vaccine research. This is the world’s best vaccine available today. It has been shown to be harmless and stress free even when given to one day old chicks and birds in lay. It offers solid immunity (95% protection) in vaccinated chicks under normal conditions. In areas prone to outbreak of fowl Pox disease two times vaccination (at 4-5 weeks and repeated at 14-15 weeks age) will in most cases completely assure protection against the disease.

This vaccine contains live, attenuated Fowl Pox ‘BM’ Strain virus propagate in chick embryo skin cell cultures. The vaccine contains ≥ 102TCID50 of virus per dose.



Primary : 4-5 weeks age.
Booster : 14-16 weeks age
• In case of outbreak revaccinate chicks immediately with this vaccine. In unvaccinated lots, vaccinate twice at 7 days intervals. Outbreaks can be controlled within 15 days of vaccination. .



Reconstitute 100 doses in 50 ml, 500 dose in 250 ml, 1000 doses in 500 ml diluent. Administer 0.5 ml intramuscularly into thigh region of chicks.



100, 1000 dose vial.



Store the vaccine at 20– 80C. Cool the diluent on ice one hour before start of vaccination. Always keep the reconstituted vaccine on ice during vaccination and use it within 2 hours

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