Ranikhet Disease Vaccine, Live, Mesogenic ‘RB’strain, I.P.

Ranikhet Disease Vaccine, Live, Mesogenic ‘RB’strain, I.P.

Attenuated, freeze dried
“The world’s only stress free Mesogenic strain vaccine- Bio-Med’s pride.”


Ranikhet Diesease ‘RB’ strain vaccine has been developed with intensive research efforts of Biomed Laboratories. This ‘RB’ strain vaccine has been proved not to cause any stress, lameness and mortality, which was usual feature of R2B strain vaccine available until recently. This vaccine can be given to layers without significant drop in egg production. Broiler can be vaccinated at 3-4 week’s age.

The vaccine contains live, attenuated Ranikhet disease ‘RB’ strain virus propogated in SPF chicken eggs, in freeze dried form. The vaccine contains ≥ 105EID50 virus per dose.

It has been shown to confer solid immunity in vaccinated chicks for 9 months under normal conditions. It has been use to control Ranikhet disease outbreak within 48 hours when given simultaneously with ‘F’ strain vaccine.



Primary: Ranikhet Disease Vaccine, Live, F or LaSota strain at age of 5-7 days. Booster : Ranikhet Disease ‘RB’ strain Vaccine (Live) 5-8 weeks and 16-20 weeks. In laying birds on advice of veterinary doctor.



Inject 0.5 ml per bird by Intramuscular injection into thigh region of chicks.



100, 1000 dose vials.



  • Safe for birds below 5 weeks of age.
  • No stress, lameness and mortality after vaccination.
  • Recommended for use during outbreak as booster.
  • Vaccination by ‘RB’ vaccine is recommended to control outbreak in combination with Ranikhet disease ‘F’ Strain vaccine to be given orally.


Store the vaccine at 20– 80C. Cool the diluent in ice one hour before start of vaccination. Always keep the reconstituted vaccine on ice during vaccination and use it within 2 hours.

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